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HNS Pool Dehumidification Unit

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HNS Pool Dehumidification Unit

If the partial pressure of the water vapor in the ambient air is lower than the saturation pressure, evaporation occurs on the surface of the pool water. In indoor swimming pools, large amounts of water evaporate continuously. As a result, the amount of moisture in the air rises to an undesirable level. Due to the high humidity in the air, perspiration occurs on windows and walls, causing corrosion and fungus formation on building components. In addition to the destruction of building components, it also causes discomfort such as decreased blood circulation and decreased sports capacity in humans. Humidity in indoor swimming pools should be between 40% and 64% according to VDI 2089/1. As a result, it is possible to eliminate these negative effects by dehumidification, that is to keep the humidity values under comfort conditions.

●Fantürk HNS series Pool Dehumidification Units are modular type and have double skin panels.

●The panels used are 50mm thick and are produced by using stone wool insulation material.

●Outer surfaces are coated in RAL 9002 color as standard and galvanized sheet is used in inner surfaces.

●The case of the device forms a strong structure with specially designed electrostatic coated aluminum profiles and plastic corner fittings. EPDM based gaskets are used for sealing.

●Nowadays, heat-pipe type heat recovery units are used for energy efficiency which is very important.

●The fan-motor group is selected in the most efficient way considering the air flow and total static pressure. Fans can be selected with forward curved blades, backward curved blades and can be driven with belt-pulley or plug types according to the intended use and desired design criteria. Fans are approved with performance tests. The motors are IP55 class as standard and comply with CE norms.

●Dampers used in dehumidifications units are manufactured using aluminum profile, aluminum wing and plastic based gears. The gears are outside of the air flow.

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