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ÇTF (230V) Single Phase Roof Type Radial Fan

Product Detail

ÇTF (230V) Single Phase Roof Type Radial Fan

It is made of high quality corrosion resistant galvanized steel. The fans are radial fans with directly coupled back curved blades. The CTF (230V) series is the ideal choice for high performance and trouble-free operation.

Usage Areas
It can be used in all kinds of industrial, office, kitchen and residential ventilation where compact solutions are needed.

Roof Type Radial Fans
Roof type radial fans; It is specially designed for domestic and industrial ventilation systems where quiet and continuous operation is required. Roof type radial fans, which can be mounted directly on any roof, are preferred due to their easy installation.

What are Roof Fans?
Roof fans are used in connection with the air duct or directly on the extractor fan. In roof fans, the fan blade is directly coupled to the motor. The motion energy produced in the electric motor is transmitted to the propeller without loss. The propeller used is a backward curved, sparse-bladed radial propeller. Plastic, galvanized steel or aluminum options are available as material.

Where Are Roof Type Fans Used?
Roof fans are used in production facilities, workshops, offices, houses, residences, warehouses, etc. used for ambient ventilation. It can be mounted directly on the roof as well as on the duct.

Advantages of Roof Type Fans Compared to Other Systems
Roof fans have a very compact design. These are popular devices to save space. It works with high efficiency thanks to a connected fan system without a belt pulley system.

Main Features of Roof Type Fans
Roof fans are produced using galvanized sheet. In fan impellers, radial type with backward curved sparse blades is used. Electric motors work with 220 volts. IP44 class protection is available.

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