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Rectangular Duct Type
In-Line Radial Fans

D-KTF series rectangular duct type in-line radial fans;

are the ideal fans for ducted ventilation systems

where high air flow and high pressure are required.

D-KTF duct type in-line fans have high performance, trouble-free operation. Thanks to their compact construction, they can be directly connected to the duct without the need for large bends and transducers in any position required.

Usage Areas

Can be used for ventilation systems in industrial buildings, factories, kitchens, bathrooms, toilets, swimming pools, gyms, warehouses, hospitals, cooker hoods, offices, laboratories, shopping malls, restaurants, theaters, apartments.

User Guide

CAD Files (.zip)

Rectangular Duct Type In-Line Fans

 Rectangular type in-line radial fans are made of galvanized steel sheet. Thanks to the standard service cover, it is possible to carry out maintenance of fan without removing the device and / or removing the duct installation. All models of rectangular duct type in-line fans the  have a direct motor, and backward curved blades.

 Radial blades with backward curved propeller are available in various materials such as PA, Galvanized steel or aluminum. Dimensions and capacities in the range of 500 – 7600 m³/h. It is located between ducts and saves space and provides ease of use. All models using the motor that has IP44 class.

Features of Duct Type Fans

 Duct type in-line fans are fans with unlimited possibilities to installation thanks to it’s compact structure. It is generally used in extraction when requiring high flow rate and low noise. These fans are compatible with 30-15, 40-20, 50-25, 60-30, 60-35, 70-40, 80-50, 100-50 mm ducts. A wide range of models and a variety of options allows you to choose the fan that best suits your needs.

 Duct fans have a rectangular design with galvanized sheets. The connection flanges on the suction and discharge sides provide easy connection to the duct.

Advantages of Duct Fans over Other Systems

 The capacity range of 500 – 7600 m³/h allows you to use it in all small projects. Especially used in exhaust ventilation of toilets, offices, workplaces etc. Its small size makes it more profitable than other ventilation devices. Quiet systems do not harm the environment when installed in the attic.

Where are these fans manufactured for?

 Duct fans can be easily installed on the wall, floor and ceiling without additional console. The fan wheel is connected directly to the motor. Fans with dynamic and static balance operate quietly and without vibration. The housing is made of galvanized sheet. The D-KTF series rectangular duct type in-line fans has a wide range of applications. It is generally used in exhaust ventilation systems.