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IGK Ceiling Type Heat Recovery Device

Product Detail

IGK Ceiling Type Heat Recovery Device

It is made of high quality corrosion resistant galvanized steel. The fans are radial fans with directly coupled back curved blades. There are G4 filters in both directions. Heat recovery is provided by an aluminum plate recuperator. The IGK series is the ideal choice for high performance and trouble-free operation.

Electric Heater, DX Coil, Water Coil can be integrated. Easy to use and manage with the control panel and control panel.

Usage Areas
It can be used in all kinds of office, school, hospital, cafe, restaurant and residential ventilation where both exhaust and fresh air are needed.

Ceiling Type Heat Recovery Device

Ceiling type heat recovery device is used to provide more energy saving besides providing ambient ventilation. It saves energy while ventilating in environments where fresh air and exhaust are needed. The working principle of these devices is basically to expel the unwanted air in the environment and to transfer the usable energy in this air to the fresh air by means of a plate recuperator.

With this principle, it can be said that it provides complete energy savings. In particular, the ceiling type heat recovery device heats the air taken in during the winter months and cools the hot air taken in during the summer months. Thus, it reduces operating costs thanks to its energy savings. While this energy saving process takes place, heat recovery devices do not use any energy source, only the fans working for ventilation consume electrical energy.

What Does Ceiling Type Heat Recovery Device Do?
Heat recovery devices, on the one hand, remove the unwanted air from the environment, on the other hand, they allow the necessary air to enter the environment in the desired way. In other words, it does not mix the two airs and does all this alone. On the one hand, it continues the ventilation process and on the other hand, it saves energy.

While taking the fresh air in, it also sends the heat energy in the unwanted air expelled by transferring it to the fresh air side. So it saves a lot of money for you. You can also buy a heat recovery device from our company and have it mounted on the ceiling. And in this way, a large amount of your money stays in your pocket.

Ceiling Type Heat Recovery Device Advantages
Heat recovery devices, which contain both aspirator and ventilator devices, have many advantages. The first of these is to save energy to a great extent. Because on the one hand, it sends unwanted air to the outside. On the other hand, it takes the desired fresh air inside.

Moreover, in this process, it takes advantage of the heat energy in this air while sending the unwanted air to the outside. Thus, the air needed by the environment is provided more quickly. At the same time, great energy savings are achieved. You can contact our company immediately to have this heat recovery device.

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