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Y-KTF Round Duct Type Fan

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Y-KTF Round Duct Type Fan

It is made of high quality corrosion resistant galvanized steel. The fans are radial fans with directly coupled back curved blades. Thanks to their compact structure, they can be mounted directly to the duct in any required position. Y-KTF series is the ideal choice for high performance and trouble-free operation.

Usage Areas
It can be used in all kinds of industrial, office, kitchen and residential ventilation where compact solutions are needed.

Round Duct Type Fans
The body of round duct type radial fans is made of galvanized steel sheet. All models have backward curved sparse blade rotors driven by a directly coupled motor. The rotor material can be plastic, galvanized or aluminum. It is possible to provide speed control with speed switch in all models.

Radial rotors with backward curved blades are available in various diameters and capacities in the range of 100-315 mm. It can be mounted directly on the ventilation ducts and provides space saving and ease of use.

Features of Duct Type Fans
Round duct type fans provide direct mounting to ducts with their compact features. Thanks to its strong airflow and low noise level, it is used in exhaust and discharge openings that require ventilation. These fans are compatible with ducts of 100, 125, 150, 160, 200, 250 and 315 mm. A wide variety of models and various options allow you to choose the fan that best suits your needs.

What Are These Fans Made For?
Duct type fans are easily mounted on the wall, floor and ceiling with the mounting feet that come out without an additional console. The fan wheel is directly connected to the motor. Fans with dynamic and static balance work silently and without vibration. The enclosure is made of electrostatic paint coated galvanized sheet. The series of duct type fans has a wide range of applications. It is generally used to meet the need for additional air and exhaust air for comfort ventilation. The rotor can be plastic or metal depending on usage.

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